Michael Lake


A glittering prize or a millstone?


ΕΚΔΟΤΗΣCengage Learning Services Limited(Πρώην Thomson Learning)

Is Turkey ready for the European Union, and is the European Union ready for Turkey? This timely publication comes at a period of unprecedented transformation in Europe and in Turkey. The European Union is coming to terms with its recent Enlargement to include ten new states. Turkey is making great progress in internal modernisation. Each is watching the other carefully as negotiations for future EU membership get under way.

But can the EU expand to include a large state with a Muslim culture? Does Turkey's future lie as a potential member of the European club or instead as a privileged partner?

This book is a multi-disciplinary attempt to illuminate the dimensions of the challenge from different perspectives. Its contributors include academics and analysts, politicians and practitioners from Turkey, Europe and America. Its breadth, depth and relevance will make it an invaluable source of reference. It will be essential reading not only for academics and policy-makers but also for the wider circle of readers concerned with the future of Europe and Europe's relations with the Islamic world.