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Top salaries,top brands,bubbles that burst,business blunders, business villains...and a great deal more


ΕΚΔΟΤΗΣThe Economist

Everything you could possibly want to know about business - and a lot more.

Full of facts and figures about all aspects of business, The Economist Business Miscellany is designed to inform, amuse and give you plenty with which to entertain others. Here is just a taste of what is included:
• Biggest mergers and biggest corporate failures
• Memorable mission and vision statements
• How many accountants and lawyers there are in different countries
• How the names of different companies came about
• Famous advertising campaigns and famous PR disasters
• Biggest business philanthropists and famous business villains
• Best know business gurus and what they are known for
• Most appalling business jargon
• Rules of business etiquette in different parts of the world
• Most valuable brands and most unsuccessful rebrandings
• Salaries compared across countries
• Most popular fringe benefits
• Stockmarket bubbles and crashes
• Investment formulas
• And lots and lots of statistics on business and the markets.