Roger Fisher


Getting it done when you are not the boss


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Have you ever walked out of a meeting thinking, ‘What a waste of time that was! I could have done it myself in a fraction of the time.’

No one can get everything done alone. We have to work with others. We should not need to negotiate with them to get them to work with us. Yet we cannot just tell most of them what to do or how to do it. People have different ideas and approaches. Collaboration is difficult.

Lateral Leadership lays out the detailed strategies for working effectively and productively in a team, from the early stages of a project and the building of a common purpose. It also covers the unavoidable conflicts of multiple views and work styles, describing step by step how to build up the portfolio of leadership skills that will foster cooperation at any level and get results.

A new preface examines how negotiating differs from collaborating, and the new appendix gives practical guidance on preparing to give a lead laterally when you are not ‘in charge’ – and when you are.