Douglas Holmes


e-Business strategies for government


ΕΚΔΟΤΗΣNicholas Brealey Publishing

Taking examples from around the world, Doug Holmes demonstrates that e-government is the practical solution for going beyond the rhetoric of 'joined up' government. Setting out five strategies for success, he shows that governments not only should but now can:

put all information and services online,
ensure that everyone has easy access,
work in partnership to make it happen,
skill government employees to be knowledge workers,
remove barriers and lead by example.
The consequences for any government that does not adopt these strategies are serious - there is always a choice in cyberspace and the private, the voluntary or even governments in other jurisdictions could step into the breach. But there are big rewards for those in the public sector who are prepared to think differently. Creativity, an acceptance of change and new technology can together give government a renewed ability to offer society a lead.