Don Tapscott


Harnessing the power of business webs


ΕΚΔΟΤΗΣNicholas Brealey Publishing

In Digital Capital, information-age visionaries Don Tapscott, David Ticoll, and Alex Lowy describe and explain the b-web phenomenon and the forces behind its emergence. Drawing on three years of multimillion-dollar research into hundreds of b-webs as diverse as the Microsoft alliance and the automotive industry, the authors illuminate the five distinct types of b-web now in play: Agoras, Aggregations, Value Chains, Alliances, and Distributive Networks. Punctuating their analysis with a rich set of case studies, they provide the definitive guide to business model innovation in the digital economy.

The book includes:

The untold real story behind successes like eBay, Cisco, Linux, Schwab, and Priceline
Positioning and analysis of emergent e-businesses like Webvan, OptiMark, AT&T Solutions, and Enron
A step-by-step process for b-web strategy design
A new approach to maximizing organizational effectiveness in a multi-enterprise environment
The 'ABCDE's' of marketing - heirs to the 'four P's' of the industrial age
Guidelines for deciding whether to hire, buy, or partner a needed capability
A new set of lenses for viewing the stock market