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Gad Barzilai


Politics and cultures of legal identities


ΕΚΔΟΤΗΣUniversity of Michigan Press

Communities and Law: Politics and Cultures of Legal Identities examines the intersection of communities, cultures, and laws in public life, asking important questions about how nonruling communities confront the law in their efforts to achieve political goals.

The book carefully studies the legal culture of nonruling communities, asking whether individual rights can adequately protect these communities within a democratic society. Taking his evidence from scrupulous primary research into unpublished sources, Gad Barzilai examines the history of violent and nonviolent interactions between the Israeli state and three nonruling communities –Palestinians, feminists, and ultra-Orthodox Jews –ultimately concluding that the liberal principle of individual rights is insufficient to protect minorities in their interactions with the state. Instead, Barzilai, Professor of Political Science at Tel Aviv University and a widely respected authority on conflict and order in the Middle East, offers up a communitarian solution that draws heavily on theories from the fields of politics and law and society.