H. Bouroudjian


Techniques & tips that pros use to beat the markets


ΕΚΔΟΤΗΣJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

In the twenty-plus years he's spent in the futures market, veteran trader and industry insider, H. Jack Bouroudjian has crossed paths with a brilliant array of professional traders. Along the way, he discovered that these individuals used certain 'street-smart' strategies—many of which are not known by the general trading public—to make sense of, and profit from, the markets. Now, with Secrets of the Trading Pros, Bouroudjian shares this carefully guarded information with you, and reveals how it can be used to enhance your daily trading endeavors. Through engaging stories and illustrative examples, Bouroudjian sheds much needed light on the dynamics that drive the market from day to day, and discusses how you can capitalize on the price action created from its volatility. And while a majority of the book focuses on the importance of fundamental information, and how new developments are factored into prices, Secrets of the Trading Pros also looks at the predictable behavior of market participants and explains how you can benefit from these situations as well. Written in a straightforward, narrative style, Secrets of the Trading Pros: Discusses the different types of trading methodologies that make sense in today's marketplace, including perhaps the biggest kept secret in the trading community—the Peter Lynch Method Examines the proliferation of managed futures—an important part of any lesson on futures trading—and uncovers one of Wall Street's hidden secrets, the exclusion of managed funds in a portfolio Explores the psychology of trading and examines how a good trader can profit from the emotions that drive a market to extremes Looks at the economic data that comes from both Washington and private sources and reveals how these periodic releases can impact the market on a daily basis And much more Secrets of the Trading Pros allows you to glean valuable lessons from the experience and ideas of many great traders—including Bouroudjian himself. Filled with in-depth insights and real-world advice, this valuable guide offers you a rare glimpse into the mind of the professional trader, and shows you how you can profitably incorporate their strategies into your own trading activities.