Bennet Lientz


A step by step guide to successful e-business implementation


ΕΚΔΟΤΗΣAcademic Press

Author provides a roadmap for implementing and expanding your E-Business successfully. Presents a step-by-step approach for changing your current business and implementing E-Business. Key Features
* Implement e-business in 13 specific proven actions
* Implement e-business with reduced risk to your business
* Coordinate e-business implementation with current business
* Use e-business as a means to renew and improve your current business
* Motivate employees to participate in e-business
* Achieve more flexible business processes
* Deal with technical, vendor, process, and other e-business issues
Answers Questions Such as:
* How do you implement e-business without tearing up your company?
* How do you define your new e-business processes and synchronize them with your current business?
* How and with what do you manage outsourcing in e-business?
* How do you measure your e-business implementation and results?
* How do you change your organization to be a spearhead for e-business?
* What is the best way to develop your e-business implementation strategy?
* How do you quickly gather data on the competition and your current business?
* How do you design new business activities that modify your current processes and define e-business?